Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Farewell 1st Love, "New Lane, New Power" Vlog #2

"Rumble young man, rumble / life is a trip so sometimes we gon' stumble / you gotta go through pain in order to become you / but once the world numbs you / you'll feel like there's only one you / now you got the power to do anything you want to / until you ask yourself is this what its all come to / looking at life through sunglasses in the sunroof / until you have the power to get out from up under you"- Hov

These words perfectly describe the way I'm feeling right now, thats why I chose this track to edit too. Since I could remember I've had a basketball in my hands. Basketball is my first love and always will be. Today August 31st, 2010, I sit here after chasing my dream of playing professional basketball without the results that I had wish to reach. I have offers to play overseas on the table but to me they are not worth going overseas to play somewhere I don't really want to be. So now I'm facing the day I hoped would never come, the day that I no longer play ball full time. But I didn't post this blog to complain because my life has been truly blessed and when you come back from 4 years of college you realize the state of your community and that the people, friends, family and the youth are facing real hard times. I feel like its destined that I'm not suppose to play ball but use the influence I have through playing ball to help the youth. I been editing footage for almost 5 years now and I've never put out a promotional piece of me balling exclusively. I never did that because I never been one to brag about whether I was good at ball or not but this time I did something light to show my ball and editing skills. I don't care what anybody says I know I'm nice. NBA, Overseas, D1, D2, D3 and you name it players from Cali to MA$$ and everywhere in between know I can ball, theres a lot of nasty ballers in the world but what I think sets me apart is my work ethic and perseverance on the floor to play D full court all game. I'm goin to carry that into my life on this mission to make these lanes and make these movies. So here are just a couple highlights from college and this will be the last organized basketball highlights of my career. Like my man D.Jones, the ballin' part of me is dead but I might still play in summer tourneys here and there but basketball is no longer my main focus from here on out.

"My socket was out the plug / now its time to get the power back / I seen people use power, abuse power, misuse and lose power / power to the people at last, its a new hour / now we all ain't gon be American idols / but you could at least grab a camera shoot a viral, hah?"- Yeezy

As I enter this new lane, I want everybody to enter it with me. I'm no different than anybody that has a dream and is trying to chase it. The way I am going to be different is I'm going to allow the people to take the journey of making these lanes with me and I want to do the same with anybody whose willing. Lane Makers Entertainment is a documentary filmmaking and entertainment lifestyle brand created through the personification of the brand lifestyle of pursuing a career in entertainment, not for fame but to extend opportunity. LME accommodates clients to actively create promotion channels by documenting and promoting their entertainment lifestyle in real time. So just know I'm on this mission not just for fortune and fame but for opportunity thats what "Make Your Own Lane"™ means. The first brand venture on LME is Beast Boyz Music, Priest Da Beast and Frank Vocals. Even though I'm all about making lanes best believe we its movie time when we are all in the building.
What a lot of people misunderstand is I never went to Emerson College to play basketball. c'mon son! (Ed Lover Voice) I couldn't went a lot of place way better at ball but I went to EC because I knew the day ball was over I'd have everything I need to make these lanes. Whether I ever was going to play pro ball or not, creating lanes for kids to score in life and making movies with stars, not for fame for life advancement that's what we're about over here so no matter who you are or what you do perseverance and direction is everything...let make these lanes! Bottom line is if you think you can do or have something than it can be done but what are you willing to do to get it?
"Make Your Own Lane"™
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Finally, I want to say good luck to this year's EC team and every team after that. EC's the best ball program in the nation, not for ball but for the lessons you learn from Coach Smith that help you succeed in life. A team that is on the same page is way better than any individual player, so know that and accept what coach is trying to teach you.