Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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#MsLMstatus: Lady Gaga Tells Teens Stay Away From Sex (June 12th-18th)

Lady Gaga says her teenage fans should abstain from having sex for as long as they can. Although she is comfortable talking about her own sexual experiences and bisexual tendencies, the ‘Born This Way’ singer doesn’t want her teenage admirers to just jump into bed with anyone.

Instead, Gaga wants her fans to remain chaste until they are completely comfortable with losing their virginity. Speaking at the Schlosshotel Bensberg luxury hotel in Cologne, Germany, in the early hours of Thursday morning (09.06.11), she told BANG Showbiz: “I think young kids should wait as long as they can before they have sex. And they should use protection from the first time to the last time. But I’m not afraid to talk about sex. Sex is not wrong. Sex is real life. I don’t see sex to be a bad thing.” Despite wanting her fans to avoid lovemaking, Gaga believes sex is the driving force behind everything in the world, and behind most music. But she insists some erotic acts, such as the mystery threesome she recently hinted at, are just for pure enjoyment.

The 25-year-old pop superstar explained: “Sex is an inspiration for everyone and I don’t think there is one song that’s ever been written that sex wasn’t part of it. So that’s what makes the world go round. I don’t know if threesomes make the world go round, but I suppose, they’re fun.” When asked if it’s a good thing for people to experiment in the bedroom, Gaga added: “If they like.”

Happy Brthday Tupac Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996)

Tupac Amaru Shakur, known by his stage names 2Pac (or simply Pac) and Makaveli, was an American rapper. Shakur had sold over 75 million albums worldwide as of 2007, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world. In the United States alone he has sold 37.5 million records. Rolling Stone Magazine named him the 86th Greatest Artist of All Time.
In addition to his career as a rap artist, he was also an actor.[4] The themes of most of Tupac's songs are the violence and hardship in inner cities, racism, other social problems, and conflicts with other rappers during the East Coast – West Coast hip hop rivalry. Shakur began his career as a roadie and backup dancer for the alternative hip hop group Digital Underground.
On September 7, 1996, Shakur was shot four times in the Las Vegas metropolitan area of Nevada. He was taken to the University Medical Center, where he died 6 days later of respiratory failure and cardiac arrest.

#MYOL News: Jay-Z - "Rap Is Poetry" (June 12th-18th)

#MYOL News: Montel Williams To Open Weed Clinic (June 12th-18th)

Montel Williams is adding a new role to his resume: Medical-marijuana seller.
The television talk show host and product pitchman has announced that he is partnering with a medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, Calif.
Williams, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, said that cannabis helped his chronic pain when pharmaceuticals were causing him harm.
“Prescription drugs nearly shut down my kidneys. Then a doctor suggested I try medical marijuana,” he said, according to the Sacramento Bee.
Williams credits cannabis for improving his well-being and his ability to cope with constant neurological discomfort.
His goal is for marijuana to be seen as a real medication and not just an excuse to gawk at the buds and toke up.
Unlike most dispensaries, no marijuana is displayed in the facility, anywhere. Patients don’t see the actual product, which is available in edible and smokable form, until the very end, and can’t use it on the property, the Bee reports.
“I want this to be someplace your mother and father could see themselves walk into,” Williams said.
Most importantly, he says, he wants to end the stigma for patients who want to try medical marijuana to ease their suffering.
In January, Williams was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after a pipe used for smoking pot was found in his luggage at a Milwaukee airport.
The judge dropped the charges against the former talk show host in April after the pipe tested negative for the drug.
For Williams, the war on drugs and safety is an ironic one.
“It’s absurd. I can go get morphine pumped into my system and nobody’s got a problem,” he said. “But all of a sudden they’re really worried if I smoked a joint.”

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