Monday, April 18, 2011

#MYOL News: Lebron Becomes Le Brassus, Switzerland Audemars Piguet Watches Global Brand Ambassador! (April 10th-16th)

In the same week that Lebron James and The Miami Heat clinch the #2 seed in the 2011 NBA Playoffs, Audemar announces  that Lebron will be its global brand ambassador. I am a fan of Lebron on the court but I am a bigger fan of Lebron when it comes to being an entrepreneur. With this move he's become my favorite entrepreneur with #2 - 50 Cent and #3 - Jay-Z right behind him. Although Lebron is a great basketball player and Audemar's are amazing watches the venture includes phiilanthropic efforts across the world and that is what's most important and very impressive.

#MYOL News: 8th Annual Jackie Robinson Day; All Players Wear #42 (April 10th-16th)

Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson was the first black Major League Baseball (MLB) player of the modern era. Robinson broke the baseball color line when he debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. As the first black man to play in the major leagues since the 1880s, he was instrumental in bringing an end to racial segregation in professional baseball, which had relegated black players to the Negro leagues for six decades. The example of his character and unquestionable talent challenged the traditional basis of segregation, which then marked many other aspects of American life, and contributed significantly to the Civil Rights Movement. In addition to his cultural impact, Robinson had an exceptional baseball career. Over ten seasons, he played in six World Series and contributed to the Dodgers' 1955 World Championship. He was selected for six consecutive All-Star Games from 1949 to 1954, was the recipient of the inaugural MLB Rookie of the Year Award in 1947, and won the National League Most Valuable Player Award in 1949 – the first black player so honored. Robinson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962. In 1997, Major League Baseball retired his uniform number, 42, across all major league teams. Robinson was also known for his pursuits outside the baseball diamond. He was the first black television analyst in Major League Baseball, and the first black vice-president of a major American corporation. In the 1960s, he helped establish the Freedom National Bank, an African-American-owned financial institution based in Harlem, New York. In recognition of his achievements on and off the field, Robinson was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal.

Hip Hop History: Lupe Fiasco Covers XXL; Album "Lasers"#1 On Billboard Sales (April 10th-16th) #Chicago #Midwest

I am a big fan and supporter of hard work, thats the basic principle behind #MYOL. Rappers like J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T. and more have big followings early in their careers but before the "underground", real Hip Hop with a message had such a major internet following Lupe Fiasco lead the pack in conscious Hip Hop. With his first hit "Kick, Push"Lupe made an analogy between Hip Hop and a skateboard which was a genius way to stay true to his roots of being an MC and crossing over with a single. Since then Lupe has been in a constant fight with record labels and himself to stay true to being an MC and not selling out. Lupe has paid his dues and they have paid off, salute to the most-enlightened MC in the game from Chi-Town!

Hip Hop History: Bun B & Lupe Fiasco Debate Rappers Being Role Models (April 10th-16th)

Hip Hop: R.E.K.S. ft. Styles P - Why Cry (prod by Alchemist) (April 10th-16th) #LAWTOWN #NYC #FAREAST

"Yeah, ghetto misery, over alchemist symphonies
/One third of century just ain't making no sense to me
Sending me to cells where hell's real, get name killed/
Body for a dollar and who we power and lust/Cowards bust, we coward dust, chop it up to the game
, illegal life cops is living the same”

"Rest in peace to Timmy went through his brains/
sorry for your mama's pain, R-E-King-Supreme remember fiends and dreams of good life/not talking Yeezy whips and chains, living greezy cause we needy mang/
my city stains my memory visions of remains like the break your ankle game/
brother kill brother, yeah I'm talking Able Cain for the paper, fame" -R.E.K.S.

“Little n****** is different they got me tripping cause/They don't know tradition or, they don't know addition/ Just new clothes but they know the limited edition of a new whip,
 new ship, that's why I throw to deuces/On my Nas shit, I could smoke with Medusa
/Ain't a n***** tight of budget, ain't a nigger looser” - Styles P

Hip Hop: Kendrick Lamar – Hiii Power (prod. by J. Cole) (April 10th-16th) #WESTCOAST #INSTANTCLASSIC

"Back to put you backstabbers back on your spinal bone/You slipped your diisc when I slipped you my disc/You wanted to diss but jumped on my dick/Grown man should never bite they tongue/Unless you eating p-ssy that smell like it’s a stale plum"

"My issue wasn’t televised and you aint gotta tell the wise/how to stay on beat cause our lives an instrumental/This is physical and mental/I wouln’t sugar coat it/You’ll die from Diabetes if these other n***** wrote it"

"Frightening, so f-cking frightening/Enough to drive a man insane/I need a license to kill/Im standing on a feild full of Landmines/Doing the moonwalk hoping I blow up in time/Cause 2012 might not be a f****** legend/Try and be a f-cking legend/The man of mankind"

"No conspiracy my fate is inevitable/They played musical chairs, once I’m on that pedestal/Frightening, so f****** frightening/Enough to drive a man insane, a woman insane/The reason Lauren Hill don’t sing or Kurt Cobain/loaded that clip and then said BANG!/The drama it bring is crazy/Product of the late 80′s/Tryna stay above water, thats why we shun the navy"

Hip Hop: Currensy ft. Freddie Gibbs - Scottie Pippen (April 10th-16th)

"I'm living a life worthy of capturing on camera/document it, I want it to last, live/lets get it, how I rolled up in the drop/how I rolled up that sticky"

"Keep it G, them n***** not original motherf****** house of mirrors/not quite the image, I'm on that popeye spinach/momma, my tie sippin'/she love a square n***** but now she trying something different/Windy City Bulls mention the nets, wool jackets and sweats and Scottie Pippen's/thats my description/high off that fuzzy green perscription" - Currensy

"Rather be counting stacks than stuck in the county, washing the dishes /Or washing drawers in the pen?/I had to go pay the correct correctional officer to walk him in/Bail money on debt, come at my neck/Plus that boy cause that same place where him? where he slept /I issue eternal rest, sign up and be a subscriber/The price of life that's so high that I must make sure I stay higher"

But believe I got the balls to clear up all of my altercations?Leave faces with operations, closed casket console/Tryna make million dollars, f-ck a million downloads/But if that equal the same, smash it up and give me my change/I made a lane up in this game so n***** goin' remember the name" - Freddie Gibbs

Hip Hop: Young Jezzy Signs Freddie Gibbs To CTE (April 10th-16th)

NBA: 2011 Playoff Seedings (April 10th-16th)

The NBA is back and at the best its been since the Michael Jordan era, not only in viewers but in talent. Lets be clear comparing the Michael Jordan "era" and Michael Jordan in talent its totally different. By the era I mean that Jordan dominated in his prime but their were still great players present in the league like Karl Malone, Charles Barkey, Pat Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, Reggie Miller, older Magic and Bird, etc. Jordan won one of his first NBA titles against Magic and The Lakers which is comparable to where Kobe Bryant is in his career. Who will be the  NBA Champion this year? Honestly, I don't know. Every match up  is tough for the higher seeds in the first round except fro the Miami Heat. Will an easy first round help the Miami get a title? Will Lebron James and The Heat beat the "Old" Big 3, dethrone the 2-time championship Lakers and create the Lebron-era amongst Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Dirk Nowitzki, Carmello anthony, etc. We'll see! #2011NBAPlayoffs (@makeyourownlane)

NBA: Blake Griffin Highlights Of 2010-11 Season! (April 10th-16th)

#2011RookieOfTheYear (@makeyourownlane), just watch the video!

NBA: Heat Drop Celtics, Clinch 2nd Place In The Eastern Conference (April 10th-16th)

The "new" Big 3 has beat out the "old" Big 3. Lebron's "decision" has lead to the #2 seeding in the #2011NBAPlayoffs (@makeyourownlane) and as much as people say it D.Wade's team, the Miami Heat were not in a top 4 seed last year but the Cavs were #1 in the league with Lebron winning his second consecutive MVP. The Miami Heat is Lebron James team but D.Wade is a better clutch player, Miami needs to just except that and they can truly reach their prime a a team for at least 5 years. In present time they will be facing the Philadelphia 76ers in the #2011NBAPlayoffs and will end up facing the Boston Celtics or NYK's in the 2nd round. Although the "new" Big 3 has beat out the "old" in the regular season it only matters when it comes to home court. With the Celtics experience and the Heat's lack of it I can see the C's stealing one game in Miami. I guess, we'll find out soon, lets go Celtics! #2011NBAPlayoffs (even though I hate that they trade Perkins) 

NBA: Derrick Rose Covers Sports Illustrated; 1st Chicago Bull Since MJ! (April 10th-16th)

I got the chance to be in Chicago this summer and there's 3 things that Chi-Town plays no games with. Thats its Deep Dish Pizza (different blog), Gangster Culture and Basketball! Derrick Rose was born and bread in the South Side of Chicago, enough said. When Derrick Rose was in the United Center winning state championships the Michael Jordan statue was outside, every time Rose hit the floor in that gym it was engrained in him that it was home court of the greatest player of all-time and the most influential player ever in his city. I'm not sure if Derrick Rose can ever attain what Michael Jordan already has but the ceiling is so high and Rose's motivation is at an all-time high and I doubt he's in his prime yet as he should only be a senior in college entering into a possibly locked-out 2011 NBA league draft. Anyway, we'll see if Rose can earn the most important reason to be in a conversation with Michael Jordan and thats an NBA Championship. #2011NBAPlayoffs

#Pointgod Watch: Ty Lawson Makes History; First To Hit 10 Straight 3s & Career-High 37 (April 10th-16th)

Make no mistake Ty Lawson is only 5'11'', I'm not sure what the NBA has his height at but he is no taller than 6 feet.  As a small true #pointgod in an NBA full of giants you have to be very smart, quick, and/or explosive. If there was a true guard under 6 foot you had to create to play in the NBA, the player you would create would be indentical to Ty Lawson especially now that he's proven he is a 3 point threat. At about 5'10" and a half Lawson is best in the combination of fast and quick, he is a pass first point guard that can get to the basket and dunk on you or quick out for a wide open three. When he was at Carolina I liked his game a lot but I thought the talent they had won because of the talent on their team more so than him being the #pointgod. He is a proven winner and college champion with more spacing on the floor post-Melo and he has had to prove that he can hit the 3. I think he has done that, check the video.