Monday, May 9, 2011

#MsLMstatus: Michelle Obama Does The Dougie, Running Man & Beyonce With Kids For "Let's Move" Campaign (May 1st-8th)

Michelle Obama made a surprise visit to Alice Deal Middle School today as part of her “Let’s Move!” campaign, which meant dancing “The Dougie” and “The Running Man” with a bunch of kids while Bey blared through the speakers. The "Lets Move" campaign is a focus of The First Lady who is encouraging kids to eat healthy and get involved in more physical activity like dancing, basketball (NBA Commercials) and more! Get some kids involved, "Lets Move"!!!

#MsLMstatus: Beyonce "God Bless The USA" (Proceeds to 9/11 Charities) & "Lets Move" Campaign School Visit (May 1st-8th)

All proceeds from "Proud To Be An American" will go to 9/11 charities.
Purchase Beyonce's "God Bless The USA" Single Here...

For weeks selected star students of P.S. 161 have been working it out for fitness. They have taken up the charge lead by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign. The Let’s Move campaign combats the epidemic of childhood obesity through a comprehensive approach that builds on effective strategies, and mobilizes public and private sector resources. Let’s Move engages every sector impacting the health of children to achieve the national goal, and will provide schools, families and communities simple tools to help kids be more active, eat better, and get healthy.
Today, those star students thought they were just filming the moves from Beyonce’s Let’s Move video, based off of her hit “Get Me Bodied” song. They completed a Zumba warm-up and the Let’s Move choreography several times before New York City Chancellor of Education Dennis Walcott stopped by to offer words of encouragement. And while the children were happy to see Chancellor Walcott they were growing tired and maybe suspicious of all the new faces and camera crews evading their gym. However Ling convinced them to give it one more go and no matter what…never stop dancing!
The kids organized themselves and prepared for one more show. The dancing began, the hard breathing increased, and then superstar Beyonce Knowles burst through the back gym doors to give a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Beyonce danced along side the children and then posed for pictures.

#MYOL News: Jay-Z Honored With Emmy Award (May 1st-8th)

Jay-Z received the Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition/Direction/Lyrics for his performance of “Run This Town” during Super Bowl XLIV. He continues to break records that many with the game of Hip Hop which there is no competition. Whether its being part owner of an NBA franchise, front row at Yankees/Knicks/Nets games or winning an Emmy for a Superbowl Kickoff Intro he dominates the market whenever Hip Hop and professional sports cross paths. Truly in a lane of his own, Hov epotimizes #MYOL.

Hip Hop: Wale x Meek Millz - 100 Hunnit (May 1st-8th) #SelfMade

I promised Ricky and Milly that I’ma kill it/Running throughout them digits, and Dollars on me I’m Emmit/I’m run it I’m so 100 with every nillz I run with/Tell them nillz  we coming, we f-cking it up this summer" - Wale

"Ha, and I don’t ever ask the price on it/Married to the money hater, throw some rice on it/I told my jeweler get my Mueller, throw some ice on it/I treat that p-ssy like its Tina, I go Ike on it" - Meek Mill

"Hold up/Got the fridgedest temperature on my wrist again/Trying this shit to nillz is like giving children ritalin/Bomo sitting in the front, see you in a minute yo/And them haters went away as soon as I left Interscope" - Wale

“Get your money budget back, fire all your artists’, We be burning everything, they label us as arsonists” - Meek Mill

Hip Hop: Cory Gunz "Son Of A Gun" Episode 2 (May 1st-8th)

Hip Hop: J.Cole - Disgusting (May 1st-8th)

"I like em long legged, Mega Thick/Work it out Ya know employ it/You wanna know how I know I’m the shit/Cuz I keep clogging up the toilet"

"Nillz ask bout me, Silly if you doubt me/Close your eyes and see where the game is headed without me/Give you the realest n*****, give you the chills/You looking at the reason the label gave you the deal/You remind ‘em of me, Let’s see how does it feel/To know I fathered you niggas and left you out of my will"

"Nuff of that bullshit cake rap/With your childlike scriptures/I’m busting off n**** take that!/Don’t let the limelight get ya"

NBA: Week 3 Playoffs - Top 5 & 10 Daily Plays of the Week (May 1st-8th))

NBA: Tom Thibodeau 2011 NBA Coach of the Year (May 1st-May 8th) #SalemState)

Thibodeau played basketball at Salem State University, and became an assistant coach at the school in 1981. In 1984, he became head coach at Salem State after serving three years as an assistant. One season later he became an assistant coach at Harvard University, where he spent the next four seasons. 20 years ago when Tom Thibodeau became an assistant coach at Salem State he might have not even been thinking about becoming a head coach in the NBA or maybe that was his goal all along. Either way I'm sure that as he began the journey to coach in basketball there were many people along the way who told him he couldn't coach at Division 1, never mind the NBA. After years of hard work and perseverance, those who doubted him along the way must have their foot in their mouths. Thibodeau made his own lane, I'm sure no one ever thought some assistant coach at D3 Salem State would become 2011 NBA Coach of the Year almost 20 years later, except for Thibodeau himself. Congrats to Thibodeau!  This story is motivational and supports the theory that if you have a dream you have to believe you can accomplish it when no one else will. I hope you continue to follow my journey and I can follow yours! #MYOL (@makeyourownlane)

NBA: Derrick Rose 2011 NBA MVP! (May 1st-8th)

NBA: Blake Griffin 2011 Rookie of the Year (May 1st-8th)