Monday, January 24, 2011

#MYOL News: Jay-Z Surprises Students In Australia (January 16th-22nd)

This video is literally unbelievable! A disadvantaged boys school with a multicultural crowd (90% from non-english speaking background) and Australian school teacher are in a frenzy when Jay-Z walks into the building as a surprise. About a year and half ago XXL Magazine had Jay on the cover with the copy “Is Jay-Z bigger than Hip Hop?” In a way he is, he has become the poster boy for making something from nothing. When you can cause a reaction worldwide like the one from the people in the video are having. This is definitely #MYOL News and nomination for the #MYOL Blogumentary Hall of Fame! Real talk!

#MYOL News: Lebron Launching Web Based Cartoon (January 16th-22nd)

Many people hate Lebron James for “The Decision” he made. As I’ve stated in previous blogs I did not like the way the he went about making his decision but I am extremely proud of Lebron for making the decision he wanted to make. He did no let anyone else influence what would be the most important decision is his career. What many people fail to realize is that Lebron James is more than just the best basketball player in the game today but he is also the owner of his own marketing company and brand. I think this is a double edge sword because on one hand Lebron has taken being a young black professional athlete and redefined the monotonous “commodity” stereotype. But my question has that hurt Lebron’s basketball career? If he spent more time in the gym working on his jumper would he have a ring by now? Who knows but for an NBA player to be the best player in the league and be starting his own cartoon, that’s definitely #MYOL news!

Hip Hop History: Happy Birthday Jam Master Jay, RIP (January 16th-22nd)

January 21, 1965 - October 30, 2002

Funk Flex, DJ Drama, DJ Kay Slay, etc. These are some of the most popular names of DJs these days but all of these DJs looked up to and honor Jam Master Jay and if you’re a DJ and you don’t or don’t even know who he is you should be ashamed! JMJ was the DJ for the most powerful Hip Hip group ever, Run-DMC. Many people don’t know that JMJ was the first person to really discover and help develop the talent and now major entrepreneur we know as 50 Cent. JMJ’s accomplishments are to long to list and unfortunately he was gunned on October 30, 2002! RIP JMJ and Happy Birthday!

Hip Hop: I'm On One-Talib Kweli (January 16th-22nd)

"Battle me you confuse illusion with reality/Back up off me you had your glory/Man I never seen a sadder story/Blame yourself you mad at me you mad at Cory/I left the maze you still the white mice in the laboratory/Don't test the brain son I'm quite nice at Scattergories/Metaphors and allegories speaking at your colleges"

"Aint no patience for the wack MC/this ain't Worldstar homie this ain't VladTV/stop posing for the cameras/I'm showing all you amateurs life is b**** this how you handle her"

"I got the recipe for Rest In Peace...Rebellion is my specialty/
while these mad cows convince you to invest in beef"

Hip Hop: Fly Like The WInd - Lloyd Banks ft Jim Jones (January 16th-22nd)

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Lloyd Banks

"What's flying in the wind has to come by the tools/I got to win damn if I lose/All my ex got cold hearts I'm probably that cool"

"We are spending cash over here you swipe it/Your beef... I ain't a big typer"

Jim Jones

"This is vampire life, we the daybreakers/if you wanna bet your luck you spend a day in Vegas/but if you wanna fuck with us you might make the papers/trying to watch the roof crumble like a piece of paper and they better watch they like they Anita Baker"

REKS-25th Hour

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"I'ma write this here verse like Guru's in the passenger/standing on the East Coast staring out to Africa"

"We in the 25th hour/its now or never, we got to get it before its gone forever/remember in the end time waits for no man what's your plan?"

"Regardless of others offers/I architect dialect/I'ma bet, y'all are just waking up/say goodnight, slap a rapper/take his mic, greater hype/spit a rhyme, save a life/in a mind pay a price/ABC a light" WOAH!

Hip Hop: Greatest Story Never Told - Saigon (January 16th-22nd)

NBA: Kevin Durant Hits Buzzer Beater To Beat Knicks (January 16th-22nd)

NBA: Kobe Bryant 81pt Game 5th Anniversary (January 16th-22nd)

It was 5 years ago that Kobe Bryant scored the second most points by any player in NBA history. 5 years and 2 straight championships and working on his potential 2nd 3-peat in a row, Kobe Bryant is the only scoring guard that can be mentioned in the same sentence as Michael Jordan. Many people don’t like Kobe because of his cockiness and arrogance but when you can drop 81 on a team, I think that gives you the right to be whatever you want on the floor! Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 in a game but there is no video or audio documentation of that game. This is why you have to love these days and times because you can actually watch this legendary performance.

NBA: Vince Carter Scores 20,000th Career Point (January 16th-22nd)

I can’t say I’m a big fan of Vince Carter as a player but as a dunker I think he is the best overall dunker of all time. That means in-game, dunk competition and streetball! You might have seen the in-game and dunk competition dunks but if you have never seen what Vince can do playing streetball then check the video below! I was in the building for that game at the Gauchos Gym in the Bronx and it was the craziest dunk I’ve EVER seen in person. The best thing that Vince could do besides dunk is score, I really expected more from Vince as a fan with all that athletic ability. Not everyone has that killer instinct and championship caliber though. But I did want to show love to the greatest dunker of all-time as he he scored his 20,000th career point this week! Check out the video below the Rucker Dunk to see what Vince was about in his younger days, it’s VINSANE!

NBA: Blake Griffin Scores 2010-11 NBA Season High 47pts (January 16th-22nd)

If you happened to read my blog posts for week one (Jan 1st-8th) you would already know that Blake Griffin is my unanimous choice for Slam Dunk Champion this year. If you STILL don’t know who Blake Griffin than you HAVE TOP go back to that post and watch the video below, TRUST ME! The ironic thing is that Blake is only really known for being a high-flying, super strong dunker at this point but people need to realize this boy can play! As a rookie Blake has dropped 47 points in a game, the highest total points by any individual player this year. Oh yeah, not to mention his 14 rebounds to go along with that which gave him his 22nd consecutive double-double and a total of 33 on the year! This year is only half way over, it his rookie season and he’s looking like the best power ford in the game. Any objections? Lets see how the rest of the season pans out but regardless this Rookie is a problem!

NBA #Pointgod Watch: Derrick Rose (January 16th-22nd)

D.Rose was the only Point Guard in the NBA that made the #MYOL #pointgod watch last week. This week he repeats that with this first career triple-double dropping 22pts, 12asts, 10 rebs! Many people have D.Rose at the top of their MVP list to this point as he has lead the Chicago Bulls to 3rd in the East and 5th overall in the league with both Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer missing majority of this season with injuries. The Chicago Bulls haven’t had someone this electrifying since the greatest player of all-time, Michael Jordan. Last week’s numbers of 28pts, 10rebs were dominant so I don’t even know what to call these, but it definitely deserves this week’s #Pointgod Watch!