Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#MsLMstatus: 10 Year Old Willow Smith Wins NAACP Image Award! (February 27th - March 5th)

NAACP Image Award Winners
Outstanding Comedy Series: “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”
Actor in Comedy Series: David Mann-”Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns”
Actress in Comedy Series: Vanessa Williams “Desperate Housewives”
Television Movie, Miniseries, or Dramatic Special:Sin of the Mother”
Actress in a Television Movie, Miniseries, or Dramatic Special: Jill Scott- “Sins of the Mother”
Actor in a Television Movie, Miniseries, or Dramatic Special: Idris Elba-”Luther”
Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Ice Cube “Are We There Yet?”
Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Sofia Vergara “Modern Family”
Drama Series: Grey’s Anatomy
Actor in Drama Series: LL Cool J “NCIS: Los Angeles”
Actress in Drama Series: Regina King “Southland”
Supporting Actor in Drama Series: Terrence Howard “Law & Order: Los Angeles”

Supporting Actress in Drama Series: S. Epatha Merkerson “Law & Order”
Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series: Rodney Saulsberry “The Bold & the Beautiful”
Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series: Tatyana Ali “The Young and the Restless”
Outstanding News/Information Series or Special: Unsung
Outstanding Talk Series: The View
Outstanding Reality Series: Sunday Best

Outstanding Variety Series or Special: UNCF An Evening of Stars Tribute to Lionel Richie
Outstanding Children’s Program: True Jackson, VP

Perfomance in a Youth/Children Program: Keke Palmer “True Jackson, VP”

Music Recording

Outstanding New Artisit: Willow Smith
Outstanding Male Artist: Usher
Outstanding Female Artist: Mary J. Blige

Best Song: “Bittersweet”-Fantasia
Best Album: “Wake Up!”-John Legend and The Roots”

Film & Literature
Literary Work-Fiction: “Getting Happy”-Terry McMillan
Literary Work-Non-Fiction: “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindenss”-Michelle Alexander
Motion Picture
Outstanding Motion Picture: “For Colored Girls”
Actor in Motion Picture: Denzel Washington-”The Book of Eli”

Actress in Motion Picture: Halle Berry-”Frankie & Alice”
Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture: Samuel L. Jackson “Mother and Child”

Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Kimberly Elise “For Colored Girls”
Outstanding Independent Motion Picture: “Frankie & Alice”
Outstanding Foreign Motion Picture: “Biutiful”

Outstanding Documentary: “For Love of Liberty: The Story of America”
Documentary: William Kunstler “Disturbing the Universe”
Writing: Aaron McGruder-”The Boondocks”
Directing: Kevin Rodney Sullivan-”Modern Family”

#MYOL News: Professor Swizz To Help Students Pay Off Loans! (February 27th - March 5th)

Swizz checks in every few weeks to advise some students of NYU’s Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music. He listens to their beats, offers some insight, and assists them on making money off their craft. “The first couple are free, and then you start charging,” Swizz explains to one of his students in the New York interview. He even gives them homework that reflects real life practices – registering with BMI/ASCAP, making beat CDs, and getting airplay in public. The gems he is offering go above and beyond textbook learning. Joining the ranks of Hip-Hop artists like 9th Wonder, De La Soul, and Bun B, Swizz Beatz is another example of a successful Hip-Hop artist entering the classroom to educate the youth on the past, present, and future of the culture. For Swizz, this opportunity arrived after he gave a speech at NYU last year that blew away the faculty. So much, that he was offered a job. Now he feels it’s time to pay it forward. If Swizz Beatz’ students can become paid musicians while attending school, they won’t leave with any post-collegiate financial burden. “I have a whole new plan, knowing the scope of what I’m dealing with,” he tells New York Magazine, “where I can have these kids do music and pay off their student loans at the same time.” This plan for the students is near completion and is far more sophisticated than the plan Swizz set out for himself at 17. That plan? A rough sketch of Swizz in a DJ booth with a compass next to him, meaning he could navigate anywhere beyond where he was if he tried.

Written by Kathy Iandoli

#MYOL News: Jay-Z Talks Evolution Of His Style Over Past 20 Years (February 27th - March 5th)

#MYOL News: LeBron James Donates 1,000 Computers To Boys & Girls Clubs Nationwide (February 27th - March 5th)

The side door to the newly refurbished gym opened, a blast of sunlight splashed into the darkened corner, and 100 children began shrieking in unison. LeBron James was thrilled.  ”It never gets old,” James said. That was the reception Wednesday when the LeBron James Family Foundation and Hewlett-Packard began rolling out what will soon be 1,000 new computers to 59 different Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide. At the Miami club, the roof is getting replaced and workspaces for kids are being spruced up with furniture from the HomeCourt line that James designs with girlfriend Savannah Brinson.
It’s all part of the commitment James made last summer, when his hourlong “The Decision” special on July 8, 2010 — in which he said he was joining the Miami Heat — raised more than $3 million for charity. “I know a lot comes with being a professional athlete,” James said in an interview with The Associated Press. “That’s also being a role model to a lot of kids that look up to me. This automatically comes with it. And I have nothing but time for kids. I could easily be at home and just relaxing. … But the opportunity to be here and giving back to these kids, I’m happy to do it.” James mingled with the kids for a while after a short ceremony, checking out the new computers — loaded with many of the newest bells and whistles — and posing for photos. One girl won a contest to have her bedroom redesigned by James and Brinson, and outside, people waited with their cell-phone cameras poised in hopes of catching a brief glimpse of the NBA’s two-time MVP. At one of the busiest stages of the NBA season, James said he welcomed the idea of taking an afternoon away from basketball. “Kids are a huge passion of mine,” James said. “I always said when I was growing up, ‘If I ever have an opportunity, if I ever got big enough, whatever the case may be, I will always try to give back as much as possible.’” - AP

#MsLMstatus: Serena Williams Hospitalized (February 27th-March 5th)

Just days after removing a cast from her foot, the tennis star’s health took a scary turn….It is reported that Serena went emergency surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. after suffering a blood clot in her lungs. A rep from Serena’s camp told People Mag that, “doctors are continuing to monitor her situation closely.” I pray that Serena is okay and gets better soon! Serena is also a human rights activist and philanthropist in numerous different communities as she gives back to children that are less fortunate. Fans know and love her for the amazing tennis star she is but it is her heart that makes her any even better person! Not to mention she is FINE! #MsLMstatus!

2011 Oscar Award Winners

Best Picture: 
The King’s Speech
Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech)
Best Actor
: Colin Firth (The King’s Speech)
Best Actress: 
Natalie Portman (Black Swan)
Best Supporting Actor: 
Christian Bale (The Fighter)
Best Supporting Actress
: Melissa Leo (The Fighter)
Adapted Screenplay: 
Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network)

This year I vowed that I wanted to get more into entertainment, more specifically acting for TV/Film. I realize that its really going to be a full dedication to that part of the entertainment business as do not have a history in performance arts or writing/producing. This years Oscar awards made me realize that I really need to start watching more movies, studying my craft and investing more time in to being resourceful in this part of the business. I promise that next year I will have an in-depth analysis of the year in film and television! #MYOL

Hip Hop: XXL 2011 Freshmen Freestyles - Diggy Simmons (February 27th-March 5th)

Hip Hop: XXL 2011 Freshmen Freestyles - Yelawolf (February 27th-March 5th)

Hip Hop: XXL 2011 Freshmen Freestyles - Kendrick Lamar (February 27th-March 5th)

Hip Hop: 6 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne ft Cory Gunz (February 27th-March 5th)

NBA: Kobe Bryant Passes Elvin Hayes For 7th Place on NBA’s All-Time Scoring List (February 27th-March 5th)

NBA: Heat Lose 24pt Lead, Lack of "Decision" (February 27th-March 5th)

It looks like “The Decision” is no longer being looked at as an exclusive interview where Lebron James lets the world know where he will be “taking his talents”. Now “The Decision” or decision(s) that can’t be made doen the stretch of a game. Lebron isn’t the only one not making great decisions as Wade and Bosh aren’t playing any better down the strectch. This year Lebron is 1 for 7, Wade is 0 for 6 and Bosh is 0 for 1 on end of he game field goal attempts. “The Decision” at the end of each game should be constructed by the coach of the team Eric Spoelstra who seems to have know idea what he is doing up to this point. Its not like the Miami Heat and Spoesltra didn’t know they were going to get or could possibly get Lebron to Miami. So I would think the question of concern would have been, who do we give the ball to for a bucket I the end of game situations. That question is one that doesn’t need to be asked if you are up 24 points in the second half. There is more than just a problem with the Heat knowing who their main man is down the stretch, there are personnel issues. Yes you have three of the best players in the league but this is a 5 man game. Ilgauskus or Dampier isn’t really ideal at the center position and neither is Chalmers or Bibby at the point guard position. Leadership is the most important component missing in the Heat locker room. Everyone knows the “Big 3” are the leaders but they can’t all be the number one leader. Miami as an organization needs to decide who their franchise player and leader is. Either Lebron or Wade is going to have to play sidekick. This is what they asked for, now lets see if the Heat can figure these “Decisions” out.

NBA: 1st NBA regular-season game played in Europe; Nets beat Raptors 116-103 in London (February 27th-March 5th)

Last week the NBA made history by having London host its first regular season game over seas. The NBA has advocated that they are looking to expand overseas, even having talks about possibly starting franchises over seas. Although I think it will be a long time before that happens, check out some history by clicking play on that video!

NBA: 49th Anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game (February 27th-March 5th)

In a time where almost nothing goes unfilmed and anything ever filmed is uploaded to the internet, the 49th anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game becomes even more epic. I never got the pleasure of watching Chamberlain live or in that present time but the games from his career are unbelievable.

#Pointgod Watch: Jason Kidd 107th Career Double-Double (February 27th-March 5th)

Glenn Robinson, Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, Donyell Marshall, Juwan Howard, Eddie Jones and there aren’t enough players you would know to continue. Doesn’t matter if you’re a real baller or not, the only player that is actively playing on that list is Grant Hill and this other #Pointgod legend you might know by the name of Jason Kidd. 17 years ago Jason Kidd was the 2nd pick in the 1994 NBA Draft out of California University averaging 16.7 points, 6.9 rebounds, 3.1 steals and 9.1 assists as a sophomore. Over his NBA career Kidd has take his team to the finals twice, both losses but his individual achievements are in the Top 5 of #Pointgods in almost every category. 10-time NBA All-Star, 6-time All-NBAFirst Team, 9-time All-Defensive Selection, NBA co-Rookie of the Year: 1995 (with Grant Hill), 5-time NBA regular-season assist leader. Kidd is also 2nd All-time in assists and 3rd all time in triple doubles. On March 1st Kidd dropped 13 pts, 13 asts and 10 rebounds for his 107th triple double of his career. Even though he doesn’t have a championship and may not retire with one he is still one of the greatest #Pointgods to play the game, hands down!

NBA:Top 10 Dunks of February 2011 (February 27th-March 5th)